Oliqem: Your natural solution

With its long-standing experience and expertise in the oleochemicals trade, Oliqem has successfully established itself as a reliable partner in the market. The Oliqem team continues to work everyday to build on this solid basis and adapt services to the customers’ needs.

Oliqem offers to the customers a wide range of benefits and services:

  • A Global Network
    Oliqem maintains and continues to grow a global network of partners in the industry spanning from East to West from Asia Pacific to the Americas.

  • Agency Services
    Oliqem works as distributor and trader on a worldwide basis with producers and customers.

  • Business Services
    Oliqem holds agency agreements and commercial distribution agreements for most products offered.

  • Supply-Chain Solutions
    Oliqem and its specialized partners offer logistical solutions and supply chain concepts.

  • Product Variety
    Oliqem offers a wide and diversified product range. The products can be purchased in different grades of quality, from pharmaceutical to technical and co-product grade.